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Horse Boarding, Lessons, Raising & Training Miniature Donkeys for Therapy, Pleasure & Show

Mane Encounters, EAL and EAP

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About Us

    Jim and I began Trilogy Farm as a horse training and breeding, raising, selling enterprise in 1985. We successfully trained horses for our clients and bred and raised purebred and then part-bred Arabians of our own, while our 4 boys participated in running of  the farm. 


In 2018, we re-directed our efforts to boarding and lessons, but wanted to do more for our community.   We realized that our miniature donkeys & gentle horses,  plus a suitable environment,  were a perfect fit for Equine Assisted Therapy. 


In 2021, "Mane Encounters" was born, our Equine Assisted Learning & Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Program for Veterans, their families and anyone in need of our services.   Scroll down for more information.   Anyone interested in participating in our program can contact us below.

Mini Donkeys

In 2018 we expanded & "downsized" our equine endeavors to include raising & training registered & non-registered Mediterranean Miniature Donkeys for pleasure, show & therapy.

   These adorable little equines are friendly, gentle, playful & delightful. They are wonderful companions & hard workers when trained to drive, carry small passengers or packs or compete over obstacles.  Further, they are perfect for Equine Assisted Therapy and Psychotherapy, especially for children or adults that prefer their small size to that of a full grown horse. 

Foundation Jennets

Meet our miniature "girls."  Kristina & Jewel(foal). Mother & daughter arrived at Trilogy in July, 2018. They are our foundation breeding stock.

Kristina, Jewel, July 31, 2018.jpg

Our New Horse arrived in 2021

Pearl, Ridden by Gannon, May 10, 2021.jpg

Meet  Pearl.  She is a 16yr old Kentucky Mountain Horse.  She is very gentle, well-trained, and destined to be Mary's mount in the Wyoming County Mounted Division in 2022.  

Pearl is also used in our lesson program and in Mane Encounters.  She is well suited for therapy  because of her sweet disposition & sensitive nature.

Sundancer, below, is our Haflinger cross mare that we bought in 2019.  She is now 4 years old.  Gannon  rides & trains her.  She is also in our Mane Encounters program.

Sunny &  Gannon, June 14, 2021.jpg
Sundancer on Bridge, Sept 4, 2021_edited.jpg
Sundancer, Sept 14, 2020, 2 yrs old.JPG

 Sundancer at 2 yrs           Sundancer  & Gannon          Sundancer at 3 yrs                    

Kirsch Family with Kristina, Sept 1, 202

Family fun with donkeys at Trilogy Farm this past fall.

Winters Family helping with farm chores,
Douglas Winter, Oct 28, 2020, with Krist
David Streit & his Mariachi Band at Tril

 Kristina, Jewel, Pomegranate & Jubilee have all learned to drive now.

Pomegranate in Meadowbrook Cart, Mar 12, 2021.jpg
Kristina & Jewel, driving together, July 20, 2021.jpg

These lovely ladies are half sisters & are destined to be a driving pair when they mature this year.

ME Banner Photo (2).jpg

With Equine Assisted Learning, we use horses & miniature donkeys to help people learn techniques for dealing with stress.  We assist them in developing healthy coping behaviors & empowering life skills.


Horses & donkeys help us gain self-confidence,  self-awareness  & provide a safe,  non judgmental atmosphere. 

 Equine Assisted Psychotherapy utilizes a licensed mental health counselor in an equine psychotherapy session.  These sessions go a step further & help identify unhelpful subconscious issues & develop strategies to work through them.

Pie, yearling, Sept 1, 2021,R_edited_edited.jpg

Slippery Pot Pie

This is "Pie,"  a yearling jack we were fortunate to purchase in 2021 form Copper Star Farm in PA.  He is our new herd sire.

His pedigree compliments our jennys' lineage, 

With a friendly, gentle disposition, great confirmation and gait, he is destined to produce lovely foals from our jennys. 

He is presently in training for driving and is part of our Mane Encounters Program.

He will be with us at Equifest, Mar 19,20, at the Erie Co. Fair Grounds, where  we will be promoting Mane Encounters.


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